Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cumulative List of Past Commentary's

Movie Ratings (Quick Reference for Decision-Making)

Gran Torino O~O~O~O
(Eastwood's last acting performance was fantastic)

Australia O~O~O~O
(Everything a Major Motion Picture should be)

Changeling O~O~O~C
(Jolie and Eastwood make a quality film)

Slumdog Millionaire O~O~O~C
(Made in India not a subtitled Indian film)

The Wrestler O~O~O~C
(This movie will define Mickey Rourke's carrier)

Quantum of Solace O~O~O~C
(More serious less gadgets)

Appaloosa O~O~O~C
(Will become another Western Classic)

My Best Friends Girl O~O~O~C
(Crude but Hilarious)

Elegy O~O~O~C
(Ben Kingsley & Penelope Cruz turn in Academy Award performances)

Pride and Glory O~O~O~C
(Rock Solid performance by entire cast)

The Reader O~O~O
(Coming of age meets the Holocaust)

Taken O~O~O
(A good Bourne Identity Fix while waiting for the next Bourne film)

Knowing O~O~O
(Interesting ending)

Religulous O~O~O
(Controversial but very well done)

Nick & Norah's Infinite Play List O~O~O
(June part II but without Ellen Page)

Eagle Eye O~O~O
(Shia LaBeouf is a rising star)

The Day The Earth Stood Still O~O~O
(Man have special effects come a long way since the original)

Righteous Kill O~O~O
(Slow start but strong ending)

Burn After Reading O~O~O
(Another good Coen Brothers Film)

Nicky/Christina/Barcelona O~O~O
(The women will like Javier Baeden's sexuality)

RocknRolla O~O~O
(If you like Guy Ritchie and his movie Snatch you will like RnR)

Nobel Son O~O~O
(Psychological thriller but not too dark and has an enjoyable plot)

Defiance O~O~O
(Daniel Craig was very good but movie was a little slow)

Seven Pounds O~O~C
(very slow movie with an awesome ending)

Body of Lies O~O~C
(OK, but could have been better)

Lakeview Terrace O~O~C
(Good change of pace for Samuel L. Jackson)

What Happens in Vegas O~O~C
(Surprisingly Watchable)

Traitor O~O~C
(Watch if you are a on Cheadle Fan)

Tropic Thunder O~O~C
(Good movie but Ben Stiller silly)

Role Models O~O~C
(Honey I Shrunk the Kids meets American Pie)

The International O~O~C
(Only see if you are a big Clive Owen fan)

Transporter 3 O~O
(Lot's of action but lame plot and horrible leading lady/girl)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button O~O
(Run time was 2:47 seemed like 5 hours)

Max Payne O~O
(Go only if you are a fan of Mark Wahlberg's)

Nights in Rodanthe O~O
(Needed to develop the Characters better)

Rachel Getting Married O~O
(Just too darn depressing)

Bangkok Dangerous O
(Nicolas Cage Goes down in Flames)

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